Who We Are and Why Choose Us

We are a team of experienced developers who share the view of fast, efficient and reliable servers. Over the years we have been managing servers for some large Companies until we decided to build our custom solution. We are loved by so many users who have tried out our servers and have given us excellent reviews already on major public forums. Our servers are fast and reliable, basically what every customer want is the actual value for their Money and we are not just giving value for money we are giving more value for money with our servers because they are cheap and reliable. Customers are able to save a lot when they migrate their website to us because our servers are more reliable and cheaper.


We offer a range of hosting services with some Marketing and SEO addons also, this is with the aim of making sure all our basic client’s needs towards success is offered as a service. With just an account, any of these services can be ordered and monitored easily from our custom user panel built for this purpose. We have outlined some of these services below;

Basic SSL installed

We have basic SSL installed for all CPanel users on our shared hosting server for free

Dedicated IPS available

For servers that would be needing extra IPs, we have some dedicated IPS available for order

Strong and Reliable VPS

Our VPS are strong, reliable and efficient. Our VPS creation after order is instant


Incase you want some higher SSL for your website, we also have them as addons

Extra Support

Incase you would be needing some premium support for closer look into your needs, its available too!

Top Level Domains

We have over 400TLDs (Top Level Domains) available to be registered

Our Clients

We are loved by so many users who have tried out our servers and we maintain excellent relationship with our clients

24/7/365 Support

7 Day Guarantee

99.9% Uptime

World Class Hosting